Life and Business Coaching Services

Success, Life and Career Coaching

A success or life coach is a guide who asks the right questions, suggests possible paths to take and changes to make. A life coach educates a client about techniques for success whether for a career path or a life path and helps the client focus on his or her desired outcome. The coach is there to help the client make the needed changes to realize the success of the end goal.

We want you to put the JOY back into your work and your life!

The word "holistic" implies that the coach considers the whole client during the coaching process. This means body, mind, and spirit, as well as all areas of the client's life.

Using assessment tools, goal setting, resume' and cover letter critiques, motivational techniques, self-discovery exercises and other modalities, the coach leads the client toward action and life or career improvement processes.

Our services include telephone coaching, email support or local in-person coaching. You may schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery session to find out if coaching is for you.

Success or Business Coaching

Business or corporate coaching is a branch of success and life coaching that caters to the needs of small businesses, sole proprietors, medium and large businesses or organizations. Sometimes only a small group of salespersons, executives or office personnel may need direction, focus or guidance on an issue that affects the whole company. Other times, a motivational speaker is needed for a corporate function such as a meeting or retreat. Business coaching runs the gamut from goal setting techniques, motivation, and communication improvement to process improvement, stress management and employee inservices for self-improvement. It is highly customized to the needs of the business.

Likewise, the fees associated with the business coaching process are variable and customized. Sessions may run from one hour to half a day to a full day or more.

What kind of coaching projects do businesses ask to have? The projects that come up again and again include marketing strategies, efficiency strategies, performance strategies, problem-solving strategies, business change strategies, skills and training, motivation strategies for employees or customers and many more.

Coaching of the business genre includes skill assessment tools, motivational tools, values assessments and other modalities of discovering the path to the desired goal.

The benefits of business coaching are obvious and as diverse as the business world itself. Benefits may include business growth, improved policies, improved efficiency, improved morale, more loyalty from employees and customers, product improvement and a variety of many other benefits.

Workshops (Funshops...they are so much fun!)

One Day Wonders are our workshops (we like to call them funshops) !
Our funshops typically run 3 to 4 hours. There is plenty of time for food, fresh air and networking. Funshops are usually held on Saturdays, but some shortened versions may be offered on weeknights.

Funshops may be customized for corporations or small businesses to include the topics of motivation, team building, skills and work mindset expansion and other subject matter.

Our most popular One Day Wonders are:

Putting Joy Back Into Work

This funshop provides activities which will help you discover how to put passion and joy back into your work day. This session is an eye-opener for changing one's perspective on your "daily grind."

Reinventing Yourself At Midlife

This funshop is a must for anyone wanting to make the second half of life the best half! Whether you are retired, going through a life transition, or experiencing "empty nest" syndrome, this session is fun and brings amazing results for redirecting your future at midlife!

Your Creative Journey

This funshop will help you discover the creative side of your being through various modalities of self-expression. This session will inspire you to create, whether it be through work, hobbies, writing, art, or music. This is a fun and powerful experience!

Re-Ignite Your Passion

This funshop is sure to get you going in the right direction! If you are looking to feel the passion for living and for your life's purpose, then this is the session for you! Through various activities you will get re-acquainted with what you know to be your life's mission. You will discover the tools to assist you in manifesting your desires.

WE: Women Empowered!

This funshop introduces women to the access points which open the power within themselves! Activities and introspection lead to new perspectives that free a woman to become a powerhouse for her own good! This seminar is taking women everywhere to their ultimate goals! Schedule your seminar today!!!

Serenity Now

This is a funshop that centers around identifying key stressors in your life, removal of the stressors, and recovery from stress. Emphasis is given to finding ways to center yourself, give yourself extreme self-care, and mindset changes that offer relief from stress. The importance of leisure time and humor are explored.

Create A Life You Love

This funshop is one of our most talked about events. This is a day full of self-discovery, values clarification, breaking out of the box, thinking in new ways and setting a course for the life you have only dreamed about! From pinpointing your talents, strengths, obstacles and passions, the life path you desire can be created.

Live Like A Princess!

Learn how to create a life that makes you feel like a princess! Find the secrets to living rich and feeling fulfilled. Explore your "inner princess" and create an environment that nurtures you. Manifest a dreamy, royal existence for yourself and learn to enjoy every day wherever you may be. Navigate the vast ocean of extreme self-care and fine-tune your personal world. You'll leave this funshop feeling like true royalty and best of all, you'll be able to keep that feeling going day after day!

How Much Joy Can You Stand?

Find out what is standing in the way of total bliss in your life. Explore the joys to be had in each day. Learn to create joyful moments in every hour of life. Discover what really does bring you happiness. Reawaken the child inside of you. See the possibilities that await you.

Balancing Your Wheel of Life

Discover your time values, motivation, and clarify your personal values. Find the leaks that are stealing your life away. Formulate a new plan for balancing what matters the most to you. Open the ways to a more fulfilling life each day. Explore the methods that can help you feel more balanced and calm.

How Big Is Your But?

Explore what your obstacles are to creating a life that is balanced and full of passion. Find out what your biggest "but" is and how to overcome it with ease. This is a dynamic and focused experience that yields great results. You will discover ways to conquer procrastination and negative "stinking thinking" that stands in the way of your success.

Additional funshops are always being created! Check back to see what's new!

Workshops For Womens' Church Groups

Cathy provides exciting, inspirational and enjoyable workshops for today's women. She understands the challenges that women face on a daily basis. She shares her faith that has buoyed her up over the pain, loss, trials and transitions of life. You will laugh and cry as she shares her story.

H.O.P.E. : Helping Others Prospers Everyone

This workshop leads women to discover their core values, their God-given talents and gifts and obstacles to leading the life of unending hope. Self-awareness and gratitude lead one away from an attitude of lack and into a world of the birthright of abundance for all.

Rip Off Your Labels!

Learn to lift yourself to new levels of faith, self-confidence, and success in all you do. Discover the woman of wonder that you were created to be. Start at the heart of who you are and uncover your amazing self! It is in being a confident woman of faith that the power of one becomes unstoppable!

Jubilant Joy!

How much joy can you stand in your life? Creativity and joy are closely linked! For women seeking to energize their joy and creativity levels....this is an unforgettable workshop! Say "yes" to creative joy! What if creative joy is the fuel....for a life of success, love, action, and happiness......Learn to find joy in the little and big moments as well as the dips in life's daily repetitiveness. Ignite your God-given creativity to grow a life you love!

Embrace Your Royal Self!

You are the daughter of a rich and loving King! Awaken your inner princess and learn to nurture yourself in body, mind and soul. Discover the path to becoming a more confident and authentic daughter of the King! Learn to find time to create serenity and beauty in your life.

Do you want to schedule one of these workshops for your women's group? Call Cathy today or email her to get the details and fee information!
Call or email for rates.....and's totally affordable!

What kind of session or package should you schedule?



This is a 4 week package of weekly 45 minute sessions. It includes values clarification, putting joy back into your career, assessment tools, unlimited email support and touch base phone support along with a resume' review.


This is a 2 session package of 45 minute sessions. It includes values clarification, assessment tools and limited email support and touch base phone calls between sessions, along with a resume' review.


This is a 45 minute one time session that allows a client to discover their core values and to focus on change in one area of their life. This is an introductory one-on-one coaching session and may also be used by some clients as a "refresher" session after their longer-term coaching program ends.


This package is for someone who has a short term goal to accomplish. It includes 4 weekly 45 minute one-on-one coaching sessions, between session unlimited email support, touch base phone support and project, accountability and assessment tools.


This package is designed to get your life going in the direction that you want fast. It includes twelve 45 minute one-on-one coaching sessions over a 3 month period with unlimited email and touch base phone support between sessions. You also receive project, accountability, and assessment tools. You also receive discounted admission to our workshops and group coaching events. These consistent weekly sessions maximizes productivity for a dramatic impact in your life.


This package is the one that gets you to those larger goals in life. It includes twenty-four 45 minute one-on-one coaching sessions, unlimited email and touch base phone support between sessions, discounted admission to our workshops and group coaching events, project, accountability, and assessment tools.

Successful clients realize that working with a coach on larger goals takes time and effort on everyone's part. Reaching the desired outcome will happen when you invest in yourself. You are not locked into any package so if you need to extend it, you can.